Wednesday, January 18, 2023



(1) A biggish, web-footed water bird having a large, pouchy beak that it uses for fishing, and maybe for shopping. Who can say? (And they don't taste good.)

(2) North America's original pre-Columbian trail food, made by mixing together powdered, dried meat (jerky) with congealed animal fat. Mmmmm...yummy?

(3) A mixture of lean dried meat beaten into a fine powder then mixed with fat, used as food. The word itself roughly translates as "fat", or "grease".

(4) An indigenous North American travel food made from dried meat (usually bison) which has been pounded into a paste, then mixed with rendered fat and sometimes a few dried berries, and finally shaped into patties.

(5) pemmican (n.) kind of nutritious and durable foodstuff made by Native Americans, 1791, from Cree (Algonquian) /pimihka:n/ from /pimihke:w/ "he makes grease," from pimiy "grease, fat." Lean meat, dried, pounded and mixed with congealed fat and ground berries and formed into cakes eaten on long journeys. Also used figuratively for "extremely condensed thought or matter." (Online Etymology Dictionary)


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