Wednesday, June 3, 2015

To Hell, Briefly

We eyed each other, but neither attacked. That day.

I'll get a map posted and follow up with more photos and a narrative.

Upper reaches of Hells Canyon.

It was an early spring, which is why I went.

Fresh leaves and blossoms.

And it was good as far as it went. As far as I went.

Down-canyon, looking back the way I came in.

But not that good.

Looks more lush than it was.

Chilly and breezy. That sums up most of it.

Elk. Dead. Probably elk. Definitely dead.

I came in through Joseph, OR, and Imnaha.

Pretty in spots.

Then to the Freezout trailhead.

Lots of air, lots of space.

And from the trailhead, up.


First you go up, over two miles of switchbacks, cross the pass, and then descend two miles.

Across the valley.

Which leaves you halfway up the western side of the Snake River valley, pointed north.

Lunch stop at Log Creek.

So you go north.

A fuzzy wuzzy. Never seen one of these before.

And the going is not great, which is why my trip was four days instead of six.

Cicada, I think. Something got to its left eye.

But it was a nice introduction to the place.

A different elk, also definitely dead.

I may go back if I ever have the chance. More later.

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