Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Gray Wolf Overnight — Sleepy time and beyond.

Snooze shack.

I used one of those two-ounce emergency space blankets for a tarp. I'm glad there was no rain. Too short. Otherwise it worked OK. Kept in enough heat, blocked the overnight down-slope breeze. Did the job.

More dimness.

Yeah, so the next day had a cloudy morning. The photos give you an idea of the actual gloom. I happen to like gloom. It looked like what you see here. Gloomy.

Relevant detail.

Looking down, this is what I saw. A lot of the plants have waxy leaves. I'm not sure why, but since there isn't much dust in these northwest forests, the leaves often look preternaturally clean.


If you want to call it that. Every now and then there will be a long stretch of forest with little undergrowth and lots of dead trees. I happen to like it.

The same, with moss.

There are whole hillsides full of moss. This year has been dry, including the moss. But it's still green. I also like green.


I.e., pointy at the top and bushy below. This is possibly a hemlock. More green on green and quiet. I was alone for almost all of the trip. Just like this — only me and the trees.

See that?

That's the trail down there. In case. In case you wondered.

But, to be honest, not much else was going on. Which was fine.