Sunday, July 19, 2015

Gray Wolf Overnight — Some structural details.

Bridge over Gray Wolf River.

Nice bridge. Better than wading. I waded the river the first time through, back in 2003, because I didn't know that there was a bridge — kinda too lazy/too smart to follow a side trail and check upstream for a bridge. The river nearly took me.

Bridge deck.

For those who find themselves thrilled by such. Anyway, it was a nice angle for a shot. I'm trying to remember to look for nice angles. I think this is one. It's a photo of a bridge, as seen from one end.

First you see it, then you get to it, then you walk across it and then you do other stuff. And so on. Pretty easy, overall, if you think to look for the bridge. That's important.

Thrashing waters.

This is a pretty boring shot as photographs go. At least I think so, but then again, what else would I photograph? At least you can see water, and moss, and ferns, and then imagine what water and moss and ferns would be like. It's actually about what you'd expect.

Cliff Wall.

I used to work with a guy named Cliff, but he wasn't Cliff Wall. Despite that he was pretty nice.

I saw him a few years later in a class for naughty people. My two colleagues and my boss were there because none of us got along with him (this was after he threatened me when no one was around and he thought he could get away with it, my boss did).

Cliff was there too that day. He'd said something bad to his boss. I was on Cliff's side. He was a lifer of a state employee but not a bad guy. I'm sure his boss deserved it, whatever it was.

This cliff was about as you see. Rock. Alongside the river, and interesting insofar as it went. For the most part it just stood there, which is also fine.

More busy water.

A lot of the Gray Wolf River is like this. I tend to like it, but not for putting myself into. That's why I took a photo of it instead of sticking my head down in there, which seemed like a decent idea at the time. Still does.

Trail. Dim. As evening comes.

True to form things began to get dark before I found a place to sleep. This tends to induce suspense, if not outright panic, and is one of my signature moves.

Come around next time to see what happened next. Something did, as far as I can recall.