Sunday, July 12, 2015

Gray Wolf Overnight — The story begins.

A brief update.

I'm going to do this in segments — a series of posts a few images at a time.

So hang on. It will be a ride. Not a wild ride, but a sort of slow tumble.

Deer Park

It begins this way. It looks like this.

A few steps east. Over there it looks like this.

And although in general I'm not a fan of east, in this case it works. I like it, I like this east. This east, right here.

South. And then there is south.

And if you look closely, you'll see, you'll realize that direction means something, and in this case it means what you see here. I have been there. Me. I. There. Here.

This means something, to me if not to you. But even if it means nothing to you, welcome. Come in. You are welcome to come in. To come in and look.

But first, some hiking.

Hiking often gets in the way. Landscape gets in the way of hiking. Planning gets in the way of experience. I have done that. I have done all of it.

Still, in some way, it works.


Southeast? Is there potential there? One wonders. One wonders what. What would happen if one went there.

I did.

And a thing happened.