Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Navigational Error Recovery

Navigational Error Recovery

Navigational Error Recovery is an important skill that involves first recognizing that you are not where you want to be.

Q: But how?
A: The features around you do not align with those on the map.

Q: What map?
A: The one you should have brought.

Q: Oh.
A: Go home and get one then. We'll wait here.

Q: Mmmm. First tell me more. I'll have to think about it.
A: You recover by identifying the features around you and pinpointing your exact map position. So easy!

Q: Ungh.
A: But every situation is different.

Q: Seriously?
A: Yes, and since every situation is different, each new situation requires a different recovery method.

Q: Mrrrph.
A: First you backtrack to a previous feature you can identify, stand still, look all around, and piece together a mental picture of the terrain by comparing what you see to what your map shows that you ought to see.

Q: Identify it how?
A: Or if you can't do that, continue walking, hoping to come to a new identifiable feature.

Q: And get more lost?
A: Right! Maybe! Even experts get disorientated, some of them on nearly every trip, but the ability to recognize early on that you have a problem, when it can still be fixed, is the sign of an expert, so not to worry. Being lost can be fun too.

Q: Can I be a living expert who keeps on living?
A: Ideally. That's mostly the point. Not everyone can quite manage it though, sadly.

Q: So how often do I have to do this?
A: Keep in mind that this is something you will need to do often because on every trip there is a slight disorientation at every stage.

Q: For real?
A: Yep. Now get lost.


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